muzeul muresenilor brasov
muzeul muresenilor brasov
Muresianu's house was fonded in 1961 next to the donation made by the Muresianu' successors. They brought to life the Jacob's Muresianu cultural will by offering to the romanian state a very valuable collection of furniture, paintings, sculpture, and also their personal archive.
The musem is consacrated to the memory of some members of the family with great importance in the cultural and political time of their time.

Muresianu's archive is one of the richest and important of Transylvania, counting over 25000 documents. Leading for more than half of century Transivania’s Newspaper, the Muresianu
have corresponded with the most important political leaders of their time in Transylvania as well in the other romanian provinces. Besides the political correspondence Muresianu's archive contains a great number of manuscripts this fact increasing its value.
Of very great importance is also the presence of documents relied on Wake up, Romanian the national anthem's history, creation of Andrew Muresianu.
Muresianu's house has the tendence of becoming a complexe of memorial houses.
24 June 2006 was opened Stefan Baciu's house.

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